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About my music:

Working almost exclusively within GarageBand and Native Instruments  Kontakt Synths. I use my keyboard to emulate a wide variety of instrumentation while combining loops and samples from a vast range of sources to create music that pleases me.

    At present I have produced seven albums, one “Best of” and an EP.

About me:

    It is worth noting that, as a child, I was partially deaf during those early years of language formation; That is to say, that I heard all sounds as if I was under four feet of water. I spent many hours in a sound lab as a youth talking into microphones and having those sounds played back to me by student audiologists.

    What they wanted was for me to hear the differences in the sounds they wanted me to make, in contrast to the sounds that I thought of as “Language”.

    Most of the soft sounds of “S’s” and consonants  were lost to me and, since my name is made of almost only these sounds.

Just introducing myself was a great source of frustration.

    All of that changed one day in late 1979  when I experienced Synesthesia for the first and only time.

  Within Synesthesia structure rose and fell, sounds took shape in the air and formed themselves into a myriad of colors, shaped a point that dove into my ear and buried itself in my thoughts... This was when I learned to hear, really hear. Past all the years when I took what I was hearing as the norm, past the audiologists training.... Sound, the emotional language of wordless sound.

    This is what I try to create. Don’t look for structure - though it is present somewhere, don’t look for melody or some phrase that you can whistle while you.... Whatever.

    No, it is all in the sounds.

        Strung like beads in a tapestry, placed like tiles in a mosaic, these are all the meaning  I have to offer, with nothing like words or melody to confuse the message or to hide behind.

    If you want to know what I am trying to say in my compositions look to your emotional reactions to them.

    There, that is my message.

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